1. A member writes Terrible experience at Kiribathgoda Arpico Super center. I went to get seafood and the cashier told me if the total bill exceeds 2500.00, I would be entitle for a 20% off on the seafood items. In order to get the discount I bought more items since I wanted the discounts. Surprisingly they close the bill without offering discounts. When I questioned, I was then told by the manager that the bill value should exceed 2500.00 without considering the value of the seafood/meat. I was told two things by two different employees at Kiribathgoda Arpico Super center. Very disappointed. I want to inform you that this is misleading of your customers and it is unacceptable.

  2. Incident ONE
    First tym in kalutara ARPICO they over charged me Rs-900/- ! When I bought a shower cleaner they charged for a shower curtain.I had spent more than 750 for transport & went to get d EXCHANGE !
    Incident TWO
    Second tym in panadura arpico I checked d bill throughly wen they had cheated by a MISLEADING strategy.I bought a pillow for Buy 2 get 1 free offer, I even asked of all sizes were d same & to open, they refused to & said same size.I checked after coming home the offer pillow was of a smaller size!! Ppl don’t obviously put different pillow sizes to one bed !wen I called they say that’s how it comes in d pack.Then they should have stated BUY 2 GET 1 SMALL pillow free.It was so misleading ! And I somehow finally arranged & promised for a HASSLE free exchange over the phone as it was their fault but when I sent a person all d way far away from my city for the exchange they refuse to !! After utmost difficulty & worst customer service got d exchange ..WORST customer service ever ! They look for new ways to cheat customers thru their offers & bills! It cost be dearly with d transport exchanges & d trouble is priceless !! WOULD NEVER EVER GO TO ARPICO EVER AGAIN ! NEVER EVER TRUST ARPICO OR THEIR OFFERS OR BILLS.Better avoid going totally.

  3. Member Indira writes:

    Ok. I procured some chick peas from Arpico Hyde Park Corner. Arpico house brand. It had some peas impregnated with Kerosene-oil. This cannot be k-oil alone. It has to have a purpose and that would be to serve as a solvent for a more toxic material. The story goes that they mix Malathion or similar Organo-phosphates dissolved in the K oil and impregnate chick peas with it. About a kilo is used in about a 100 kg to avoid insect attacks. This happened 2 time. I complained both times but apparently to deaf ears. So, update me on what steps I could go if it happens again.

  4. Bad attitudes towards customers at ratnapura

  5. These guys rip off…avoid and try other small places

    for example

    pillow 490; exact same brand same thing in ladyj=330
    check the prices of phoenix plastics; arnd 20% higher than other places

    i checked singer 200 series fridge.. arpico 40000 with all discounts for cash; exactly same thing in nugegoda u can get it for 35500

  6. This is about goods we buy from arpico..
    We used to buy items monthly for our home from Battaramulla arpico.While they billing around 3000-4000 items, we used to look around or checking discount items which were placed closer to billing counter.

    One day my friend told me that she faced with a situation of overcharging for eggs.when i buy eggs for next time i kept that information on my mind, & same thing happend to me also . 😡
    Luckily i was looking at billed amount & was able to catch up they doing the same mistake for the second time.

    Again had a worse experience with buying a set of T spoons , as i can remind total price of 12 spoons was just above three hundred & they billed as one spoon for that price .. cost above 3000 for 12 spoons 👿 , with my previous experince of their billing, was ableto correct it that time itself.

    Again a last day,i baught some mangoes, which was marked with 100 grams unit price..& unfortunatly forgot to keep eye while billing.. they billed around 40-50 different.i found the difference only checking the bill at home.

    What i have realized is is not enough chcecking the price while we put in to the cart, but need to keep eye while billing…

  7. Arpico Furniture

    1) baby cupboard
    i have very bad experiance with them i have brought a “baby cupboard” from the Arpico at Maharagama. cupboard was shaking when it was at the store , i asked the sales person why its like that , he said “sir , you have to place it on a flat level surface”, i said “ok”. and took it home. when i unload the cupboard , one door fell off. i called them that minute, and informed them about it. the sales executive said he will report it and arrange the team to come and repair. i called many times and they never came . and the 1year warranty period was over and i ended up with a broken cupboard.

    2) Computer chair
    i brought a computer chair and after one week the chair bases was broken and i took it to the showroom and gave me a replacement. i asked them why it broke and they said “some stocks has that issue, some thing wrong with the plastic”. after few months the up and down feature stopped working, i ignored that. just after one year, the connector from base pole to chair was broken and took it to Battaramulla show room, the manager (lady) said the products are imported and they dont have parts to repair them. i dotn mind pay them to do the repair , but seems they cant do that too.

    i wrote (email) to Arpico about all these matters and never got a response from them. may be they don’t check their emails , or just ignore the consumer complains.

    finally i decided not to buy any thing from Arpico furniture, and advised my friends not to buy too.

    Thank you

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